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The Ability to Coordinate is Gunawan Jusuf’s Greatest Strength

June 19, 2019

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has demonstrated a lot of talent at his main task, which is to keep a collection of Indonesia-based companies growing and refining sugar for the purpose of creating a variety of sugar products, many of which are enormously popular. This can’t be easy to do; besides coordinating the work of a number of plantations and refineries throughout Indonesia, the Sugar Group Companies operates from nearly a dozen offices located throughout Indonesia. Gunawan Jusuf has no choice but to coordinate all of that to make a profit for the entire group.

At its heart, the Sugar Group Companies is actually a collection of businesses that operate both independently, as well as part of the larger group in order to reach the goals of the overall company. It is his ability to make sure every single subsidiary company, employee and the various offices and plants are all working together that could very well demonstrate Gunawan Jusuf's greatest accomplishment as Sugar Group Companies' leader.

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